“A punch between the eyes… storytelling you daren’t turn away from”  Raindance Film Festival

“Unmissable” Edge Media Network

“Engrossing… eye-opening, unflinching”  HuffPost

“An intriguing piece of work that captures an underexposed side of modern Japan… a gem of a documentary” Eye for Film

“Compelling” Tokyo Weekender

“Insightful and honest” Camera Japan Film Festival

“Surprising, sometimes shocking and entertaining” Big Gay Picture Show

ストーリー | SYNOPSIS


ウリ専と共に・・・それは、男性にセックスを売る主にストレートの男の子・・・彼らが如何にして雇われたか、その職務や生活状況、彼らの体験が今、明らかとなる。 東京・新宿二丁目を舞台に、売春行為は江戸時代より今日へと続く

Boys are selling sex in Japan. Who is buying?

In the Tokyo district of Shinjuku 2-chome there are bars that specialize in “Urisen”, young guys who have sex with men. Featuring candid interviews and interspersed with animation detailing the awkward, sweet, and sometimes horrific situations these young sex workers experience, the boys for sale boldly tell their stories of life in the Tokyo underground. This documentary is an illuminating look into a rarely seen world that tantalizingly shows the humanity of sex work.


76分/ 日本/ 2017
76 min/ JAPAN/ 2017

スタッフ | CREW

撮影/プロデューサー<br />DOP/ producer

DOP/ producer

Adrian Storey aka Uchujin

音楽<br />music



製作総指揮<br />executive producer

executive producer

Ian Thomas Ash

イラストレーター<br />illustrator


N Tani Studio

監督/編集<br />director/ editor

director/ editor


アニメーター<br />animator


(デンバク ファノ デザイン東京)
Jeremy Yamamura
Denbak-Fano Design, Tokyo

映像 | WATCH

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #3 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン3つ目

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #3 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン3つ目

In Part 3 of our deleted scenes, Hisa and Yo talk about their first sexual experiences with men for money as young boys.

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #2 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン2つ目

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #2 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン2つ目

In Part 2 of our deleted scenes, Co shares a tip he learned about how to please male customers…

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #1 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン1つ目

“Boys for Sale” deleted scene #1 「売買ボーイズ」未公開シーン1つ目

In Part 1 of our deleted scenes, Yo-chan explains the similarity between male sex-workers and luxury handbags…



Fox Inclusion Award

Best Documentary
2017 Durban Gay & Lesbian FF
(South Africa)

Best Feature Documentary
2017 Queer FF Playa del Carmen

Best Feature Documentary
2017 El Lugar Sin Limites

Best LGBTQ Feature
2018 Oxford Film Festival

Best Documentary Feature
2018 KASHISH Mumbai I Queer FF

Best Feature Film
2018 Nachtschatten Film Festival



Nagoya University (Nagoya, Japan)
in Support of HeForShe UN Women
Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality
June 18, 2019 at 14:30 (INFO)
followed by side-bar event at 17:30 (INFO)

Ritsumeikan University
(Kyoto, Japan)
sponsored by the Gender Studies Group at the International Institute of Language and Cultural Studies
June 23, 2019 at 15:30 (INFO)



San Francisco Premier
2019 San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival (May 22-26)
May 25th at 8:40PM (INFO)

Philippines Premier
2018 Quezon City Int PINK FF
November 14-25 (Quezon City)
Screening Nov 16 at 18:30 (INFO)

2018 Porny Days
Nov 22-24 (Zurich, Switzerland)
Screening Nov 25 at 16:10 (INFO)

Taipei, Taiwan
FREE screenings by Joint Entertainment
Cinematheque Fuzhong 15
Dec 1 at 19:00
Dec 12 at 19:00

2018 Queer-Streifen Film Festival
October 18-24 (Regensburg, Germany)
Screening Oct 21 at 21:00 (INFO)

Slovakia Premier
2018 Slovak Queer Film Festival
October 17-21 (Bratislava)
Screening Oct 17 at 21:30 (INFO)

Tokyo screening
Sophia University
July 6 at 18:45 (INFO)

Chile Premier
2018 AMOR LGBT+ Int FF
June 12-17 (Santiago & Valparaiso)
June 12th @ 21:00, 13th @ 20:30 &14th @ 20:00 (LINK)

Munich Premier
2018 Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetisch

June 21-30
June 24th & 26th at 20:00 (INFO)

Hong Kong screening
Shyly Social 放映查詢
June 30 at 20:30 (INFO)

2018 MixMéxico
May 18 at 17.45
May 25 at 17:30
June 5 at 21:20 (LINK)

India Premier
2018 KASHISH Mumbai Queer FF
May 23-27 (Mumbai)
May 25 at 10:45 (LINK)

Swiss Premier
2018 La fête du slip FF
May 11-13 (Lausanne) (INFO)
May 11th (20:00), 12th (16:00) & 13th (16:00)

FREE screening in Bangkok, Thailand
April 4th at 20:00
Sponsored by OUT BKK (INFO)

Brisbane Premier
2018 Brisbane Queer FF
(March 8-18) 18th at 16:30 (LINK)

2018 Outfest Fusion FF
March 9-13 (Los Angeles)
March 9 at 20:30 (LINK)

2018 Corvallis Queer FF
Feb 21-24 (Oregon, USA)
Feb 21 at 19:30 (LINK)

Australian Premier
2018 Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras FF
Feb 15-March 1 (Sydney, Australia)
Feb 20 at 18:30 (LINK)

Mississippi Premier
2018 Oxford Film Festival
Feb 7-11 (Oxford)
Screening Feb 9 & 10 (LINK)

Italian Premier
2017 Fish and Chips Erotic Film Fest
Jan 19-21 (Turin)
Screening Jan 20 at 16:30 (LINK)

Austrian Premier
2017 This Human World (Vienna)
Screening Dec 8 at 20:30 (LINK)

Spanish Premier
2017 Andalesgai
Nov 24 -Dec 3
Screening Nov 28 at 17:00 (LINK)

Romanian Premier
2017 Serile Filmului Gay IFF
Nov 17-25 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Screening Nov 23 at 19:00 (LINK)

日本初上映/ 1st Japan Screening
2017 Tokyo AIDS Week (Nov 24-26)
11月26日/ Nov 26 at 15:30 (LINK)

Ecuadorian Premier
Nov 16-26 (Quito, Ecuador) (LINK)
Nov 18th at 17:30 & 21st at 17:15

Slovenian Premier
Ljubljana LGBT FF
Screening Nov 22 at 20:00 (LINK)

Mexican Premier
2017 Queer FF Playa del Carmen
Nov 13-18 (Mexico)
Screening Nov 17 at 21:10 (LINK)

Tijuana Premier
2017 Imperfectu
Nov 16-18 (Tijuana, Mexico)
Screening Nov 17 at 11:30 (LINK)

Taiwan Premier
2017 Taiwan Int Queer FF
Taipei: Oct 20 & 24, Taichung: Nov 5
(中文 / ENGLISH)

South American Premier
Fest. Internacional de Cine LGBTIQ
Nov 1-5 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Nov 5 at 20:00 (LINK)

Canadian Premier
2017 Rainbow Visions
Nov 2-4 (Edmonton, Alberta)
Nov 4 at 12:00 (LINK)

Missouri Premier
2017 Kansas IFF
Nov 3-9 (Kansas City, Missouri)
Screening Nov 6 at 19:35 (LINK)

Berlin Premier
2017 Porn Film Festival
October 24-29 (Berlin)
Screening Oct 27 & 29 (LINK)

East Coast Premier
2017 NewFest Film Festival
Oct 19-24 (NYC)
Screening Oct 22 at 21:15 (LINK)

2017 ALFF (Atlanta, GA)
Oct 19-21
Screening Oct 19 15:30 (LINK)

Northwest Premier
2017 Twist Queer FF
Oct 12-22 (Seattle)
Screening Oct 14 at 14:45 (LINK)

Texas Premier
2017 San Antonio LGBT IFF
Oct 13-15
Screening Oct 14 at 18:00 (LINK)

Asian Premier
2017 InDPanda (Hong Kong)
Screening Oct 8 at 21:45 (LINK)

African Premier
2017 Durban GLFF (SA)
Screening Oct 4 at 18:00 (LINK)

Southern Premier
2017 Out on Film (Atlanta, GA)
Screening Oct 3 at 17:30 (LINK)

UK Premier
2017 Raindance FF (London) (LINK)
Sept 21st @ 12:30 & 28th @ 20:00

Dutch Premier
2017 Camera Japan (Rotterdam)
Screening Sept 22 at 19:00 (LINK)

Palm Springs Premier
2017 Cinema Diverse
Screening Sept 22 at 17:45 (LINK)

Michigan Premier
2017 Trans Stellar FF
Sept 9 at 22:40 (Detroit) (LINK)

N. American Premier
July 6-16 (LA, California)
Screening July 12 at 17:00 (LINK)

World Premier
2017 Nippon Connection
May 23-28 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Screening May 24 at 22:00 (LINK)

報道 | PRESS

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